Erika Dillard

Erika Dillard

Founder – PopCheck Technologies!

Meet Erika Dillard, founder of PopCheck Technologies! Erika is on a mission to make recovery for all patients stress-free with a medical device that will predict post-op complications such as venous clots. PopCheck’s biosensor and platform will soon allow patients and their healthcare providers to monitor the development of clots at home, offering a much-needed solution for what is now the leading cause of preventable deaths during hospitalization (The Lancet).


During her neurosurgery residency in Philadelphia, Erika saw firsthand how patients at higher risk for clots struggled to understand whether or not their symptoms should be relayed to their physician after surgery. Erika also witnessed close friends and family develop symptoms after a hospital visit; Erika’s own grandmother died of a pulmonary embolism.

In 2019, Erika left the residency early to join a fellowship program in Memphis which inspired her to apply her knowledge and experience to develop a scalable solution to the problems she’d encountered. Soon after, she founded PopCheck Technologies, whose first biosensor will not only be able to prevent venous clots but will actually predict whether a patient is developing one.


Before working on PopCheck full-time, Erika enrolled in a program at the Science Center called Launch Lane Accelerator. It was during Launch Lane that Erika was introduced to OnRamp, which had just launched virtually in 2021.

Erika says that she gained the most value from OnRamp’s network and the connections that she made there. She learned from the diverse group of like-minded entrepreneurs, becoming aware of the challenges and pitfalls that founders face when starting a tech-enabled business. Erika says she values the wide range of feedback she received from her cohort.


When asked what advice she’d give aspiring entrepreneurs, Erika says to avoid dismissing small steps toward progress and to lean on your team.

As an entrepreneur, it can be tempting to overvalue the next big milestone and discount the smaller steps it takes to reach it. Erika believes that these baby steps signify progress in the same way that achieving a bigger milestone does. Entrepreneurs often forget to celebrate their daily and weekly accomplishments, but that doesn’t mean that they are any less important or valuable than the big successes.

Erika strives to overcome this tendency in her own life by asking herself what she accomplished on a daily basis and celebrating whatever the answer is, however trivial it may seem. She also makes an effort to value her failures and to see them as learning experiences that too are baby steps toward progress.

Erika adds that these milestones cannot be achieved in isolation. Business owners, especially first-timers, are inclined to wear multiple hats and shoulder every burden and challenge that comes with starting a new business. But Erika believes that one cannot be an expert in every little thing and that it is okay to lean on others and relinquish control.

“You have to have people around you who have that expertise, who are trustworthy, dependable, and self-driven so that you can be successful…Allow other people to do what they do best.”

We hope that you are just as excited and inspired by Erika’s story as we are! If you have any recommendations, want to engage with PopCheck Technologies, or want to support fundraising, please get in touch at the links below:



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