Eboni Zamani

Eboni Zamani

Founder – EZ Exposures

Meet Eboni Zamani, founder of EZ Exposures, a boutique company that provides quality video and photo experiences for special events and life moments using photobooth technology.


Eboni started her career as a videographer with a documentary about youth in the military and fell in love with visual and written storytelling. From there, she realized that entrepreneurship could help her sustain this passion and eventually went on to create her business, EZ Exposures. Eboni faced many challenges throughout her journey, especially when the pandemic hit. But when events were possible again, she noticed that her clients began requesting photobooths, and Eboni jumped at the opportunity.


Looking to further develop the company, Eboni sought out business-related events. She first learned about Venture Cafe through its Thursday gatherings, and as her interest in entrepreneurship grew, she began to visit the space more frequently and it was soon recommended to join the OnRamp program and decided to participate not once, but twice.

Eboni found both cohorts to be community-oriented and informal in a positive way, appreciating that they were not overly competitive and supported small businesses as well as aspiring Fortune 500 CEOs. OnRamp provided more than just information on how to form a legal entity and was a useful intermediate step for her. Through OnRamp, Eboni was able to think more deeply about various strategies for growing her business, including business and marketing strategies and how they intersect. She also appreciated the diverse range of experts who shared their experiences of failure, struggle, and success with the cohort. Eboni learned that there is not just one path to success and that failure is a natural and valuable part of the process.


When asked what advice she’d give aspiring entrepreneurs, Eboni says, cleverly, to take outside advice with a grain of salt. Every person, business, and situation is unique, and what works for one person may not work for another.

Eboni recounts her own experience of getting into “LLC Loopholes” online, for example. It’s a common belief among people in the United States that starting an LLC is the first and most important step when building a new business. However, Eboni warns, this advice may not be suitable for everyone, and can even be damaging to those just starting out.

“If you’re not making any money yet, don’t have a customer base, or have little to no understanding of what your business is about, you’re going to have trouble.”

Without a customer base or steady stream of income, and without a clear understanding of your business mission and model, it can be difficult to properly manage and maintain an LLC. Eboni advises getting these things in order first, as it requires time, money, and effort to set up and maintain this type of business structure. Carefully consider which structure is right for your business, and seek out professional advice if necessary. People can have different perspectives, biases, and agendas, so it’s important to consider multiple sources of advice to carefully evaluate their credibility and relevance to your specific circumstances before making a decision. Eboni feels that it’s important to trust one’s own judgment and to consider whether advice, in person or online, aligns with one’s own values and goals of the company.

We hope that you are just as excited and inspired by Eboni’s story as we are! If you have any recommendations, want to book EZ Exposures, or want to support her marketing efforts, please get in touch at the links below:

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Instagram: @ezexposures

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Website: ezexposures.com

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