Taiye & Lola oladapo

Co-owner/Principle Project Manager

Taiye & Lola, Nigerian-American sisters, are the proud co-founders of the award-winning The T.L. Hospitality Group LLC (DBA) Urbanity Lush.  We are a multifaceted hospitality-lifestyle brand on a mission to change the world through unique home hosting virtual and real-time cultural immersive experiences. We specialize in curating warm and welcoming Airbnb accommodations, culturally immersive travel guides, and immersive experiences designed to break down racial and cultural barriers in the hopes of inspiring kindness, empathy, and understanding for others' lived experiences. What started as a side hustle as Airbnb hosts several years ago has grown into a passion for creating space, whether through their homestays, travel guides, or immersive experience where people can come and learn about others who are culturally different from them.  What is their why? Taiye and Lola know from their experiences as hosts that there is power in hospitality. Through the magical exchange of hospitality, walls break down; bridges are built, understanding of differences made, and empathy, kindness, and compassion are the results.