SOBAD Philly


We are all co-owners of Supreme Oasis Bakery And Deli, (S.O.B.A.D.), that was established in the early 1980’s, by our grandfather, Bro. Emanuel, in Baltimore, Maryland. We are third-generational businesswomen. In the summer of 2018, we decided to move to Philly, (my dad's hometown), to re-open SOBAD, in order to continue our legacy. My father is our HERO!   In addition, to excellent customer service, as well as being reasonably priced, our comfort-style foods, and especially our Bean Pies, along with our homemade desserts sets us apart. We are the only restaurant in our area that is vegan-friendly, halal and pork free. We offer an extensive vegan and vegetarian menu that includes a wide range of vegan desserts. We also cater to the keto diet, low sodium, heart healthy and other special dietary restrictions.