Seung Ah Byun

Seung Ah Byun

Executive Director, Chester County Water Resources Authority

With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Byun is the Director of the Chester County Water Resources Authority. Prior to Chester County, Seung Ah was a Water Resource Engineer with the Delaware River Basin Commission and the Senior Planner for Water Resources with the Brandywine Conservancy’s Municipal Assistance Program. She has also served as a water resources engineer at CDM Smith, primarily consulting to the City of Philadelphia’s Office of Watersheds and CSO Program.


Seung Ah received her doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania, School of Design’s Department of City and Regional Planning. Dr. Byun obtained a master’s degree in environmental engineering from Drexel University and a bachelor’s of science in systems engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. Seung Ah is a licensed Professional Engineer and is a LEED Accredited Professional.


Given her unique academic and professional background, Dr. Byun aims to shift conventional water resources and environmental planning toward new directions and solutions.