Oneal Latimore

Oneal Latimore

Founder + Formulator Pepper Bru

Oneal Latimore is a native of West Philadelphia and the founder of The Vaulted Group, a Veteran and minority owned consulting firm that researches emerging trends and facilitates operational efficiency for small businesses. In 2018 he founded Eastern Hemp Company which specialize in academic relationships through research partnerships in agricultural systems design, plant-based industrial materials, product development, and supply chain logistics. In his position as director of Business Development with Global PanAfrican Farms Inc. (GPAF), he is

dedicated to international development through the creation of urban and rural cooperative- based business models in Nigeria and Cameroon centered around mushroom cultivation. As a serial entrepreneur, Oneal has founded several consumer brands including: Atlas Alchemy, a pet centered suite of CBD products, and Pepper Bru, a unique and functional energy beverage currently seeking its second round of investment.

“As an entrepreneur and a creative, I see the value of ownership and creation in leading the way to self-
sustenance and prosperity in our communities.” – E. Oneal Latimore, II