Ebonie Dukes


Ebonie S. Dukes - A certified Sommelier who has a history in building successful brands. The President of an Emmy Nominated News Media Outlet and Sought after Digital Marketing expert Ebonie is the Black Girl Magic fueling this brand. The BlacOak Wine Club is a convenient introduction to Black-owned wine brands from national regions and abroad. BlacOak bridges the general desire of the average wine consumer with the education and experience of sommeliers and winemakers who understand the cultural significance of color in the vineyards. ​BlacOak was designed as a lifeline to the underserved black-owned wine brands that consistently break barriers in a space traditionally occupied by those that lack melanin. We understand that to properly support these brands we must introduce new consumers to flavors they have yet to explore.. ​This is more than a passion project, hobby, or supplemental income for the creators of the BlacOak Wine Club. This is a socially conscious decision to effect change and engage with individuals who also desire to invade unchartered waters for delicious rewards. BlacOak is a community that strives to help an industry respect the buying power of our consumers and the expertise of our wine professionals. This is an inclusive environment with a specific agenda.