Daniel McCarty

Daniel McCarty

Fire Paramedic Captain – Philadelphia Fire Department

Daniel McCarty, a seasoned professional with over 13 years in emergency medical services, currently serves as a Fire Paramedic Captain for the Philadelphia Fire Department, a position he achieved at the impressive age of 30. His commitment and leadership within the field have been recognized by the local Philadelphia newspapers and his peers alike.

Educationally, Daniel holds a Bachelor’s degree in Leadership and is on the verge of completing his Master’s degree in Crisis Communication. His strong theoretical foundation coupled with hands-on experience makes him a specialist in his field.

Beyond his professional obligations, Daniel’s passion extends to educating others. He is particularly devoted to mentoring the youth within Philadelphia, guiding them to remain on the right path and instilling in them the values of service and responsibility.

Possessing a unique combination of experience, education, and commitment to service, Daniel McCarty continues to be an invaluable asset to the Philadelphia Fire Department and the community at large.