Bill Mauchly

Founding Member

William Reed and Bill Mauchly are the grandson and son of John Mauchly, the co-inventor of ENIAC.  ENIAC was created in Philly in 1946 and was the first general-purpose electronic computer.  World Computer Day, Feb 15, celebrates the announcement of ENIAC and the beginning of the computer industry.

Bill Mauchly – is a software engineer and inventor in the field of audio and video.  He co-founded a startup, later acquired by Cisco, for hi-def video-conferencing, and he co-designed a number of very successful music keyboards for Ensoniq Corp that pioneered digital sampling.  Lately he has been promoting Philly computer history and writing a screenplay about it.

William Mauchly Reed – founded, co-owns, and operates several successful Philadelphia pubs.  He created the Standard Tap, Johnny Brenda’s, and The International.  He has been instrumental in championing the local craft beer movement; he co-created and founded the Philly Loves Beer association and its annual celebration, Philly Beer Week.