Donald Woodring is the Founder of Mentorship.CLUB. Don Woodring is the luckiest guy in the world, having overcome many obstacles in achieving what he has to date. One of the greatest gifts he’s received in his life is the access to mentors that he had to assist him in his professional development. He has always been enormously grateful for the mentorship that he has received from some of the best business minds in the United States. His mentors were Bruce Edwards, the former CEO of the $14 billion company, DHL/Exel Supply Chain, Ron Whitaker, the former CEO of Colt Manufacturing and current Chairman of Ruger, Bill Berkley, the Founder, former CEO and Chairman of WR Berkley, a Fortune 500 company as well as Bob Neary, the former Co-Chairman of Ernst & Young.

Don became the country manager of Mexico at age 29 and then the CEO of a public company at age 39. After the successful sale of that public company, Don started a company, Latinos.org at 49 and now has embarked on this venture, Mentorship.CLUB.

Don has never forgotten some of his roots. He always says that you will not reach your destination by looking in the rearview mirror. You can only arrive at your destination by looking through your windshield. But it is very important and healthy to occasionally look at your rearview mirrors and side mirrors. He is extremely passionate about assisting others and certainly hopes that he can change some people’s lives through this process.