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03/11 Program


December 10, 2019

“[Venture Café] has earned a standing spot in my calendar.”


Shadia Bel Hamdounia is a frequent visitor of the Quorum drop-in lounge, have first toured the building and learned about Venture Café after receiving an invitation to attend the November 2018 Grand Opening. Initially, she was slightly skeptical, thinking all the described Venture Café offerings sounded too good to be true. She decided to check it out to attend the diverse sessions and to network with and learn from others in the community. Shadia is now a #VCjawn regular, having been to 25+ gatherings, and is making quite the serendipitous collisions here.

As a strategic consultant in Scientific Medical Marketing, when Shadia saw on the schedule a talk on “Compelling, Scientifically Credible Data Graphics for Communicating with Investors and Clinical/ Scientific Advisory Boards”, she felt she could not have asked for a presentation more relevant to her work. When she entered the room, she saw a colleague of hers who jokingly asked if she was there to give the talk. That got everyone chuckling and a round of interdictions kicked off by the presenter, Miklos Schulz, the Chief Executive Officer and Senior Consultant of SCiAN, a contract research organization (CRO). As the session went on and Shadia was asking questions and contributing to the development of the conversation, Miklos joked that maybe he should hire Shadia…, and shortly after she began her first project.


Miklos thought CIC at 3675 Market Street was a great location to host his SCiAN USA office because of the many resources of the Science Center including SCiAN enrollment in the Global Soft Landing Fellowship program and ample opportunities for networking with other professionals. He felt this was reflected through Venture Café, and when attending had the impression it was nice to see related fields, energetic people, and a variety of presentations offered. Miklos believes that it is important for attendees to ask questions and contribute to the conversation, and that this builds connections and could lead to bigger, bolder things, like a job offer.


Shadia came to Venture Cafe, with some skepticism, and she’s been coming back (almost weekly), ever since. The focus on space and community cultivation is her favorite element and she believes it is one of the biggest contributing factors of #VCjawn’s success in fostering serendipitous collisions. Shadia mentioned that Venture Café does a really good job of showcasing different industries, at a granular level, but also of keeping content understandable to general audiences.

Shadia has now been working on strategic marketing projects for Miklos at SCiAN for 6 months. With a couple of completed and a couple more on the horizon, she anticipates the relationship will continue. Shaida also anticipates that her relationship with Venture Café will continue, noting “It [Venture Café] has earned a standing spot in my calendar”.

If you want to share your story with the Venture Café Community, please contact and we look forward to seeing everyone each and every Thursday at 3675 Market Street from 3 – 8pm!

Cheers, The Venture Café Philly Team