Immerse yourself in the exhibition of “We Embrace Fatherhood’s Root to the Fruit: Black Fathers and Their Children. Witness the awe-inspiring photography screen projection by the talented artist Ken McFarlane, as he beautifully captures the essence of the bond between Black fathers and their children. 

Experience live painting by artist Jerry Puryear, who skillfully brings this powerful connection to life through his art. Engage in meaningful connections while enjoying the vibrant sounds by DJ Greggie C on the 3rd Floor Rooftop Terrace.

This collaborative event is part of Philm Factory’s “Art for Social Change Experience: Reimagining the Black Community,” in partnership with Venture Café and Eli Lu Entertainment. Join us for an unforgettable celebration that merges art and community to create a transformative experience



We Embrace Fatherhood is a collective committed to the intentional transformation of families. We use public art, events, and an insistence on accountability as the catalyst for ongoing conversations about fostering strong male engagement in our communities. We turn these conversations into action, offering mentorship that guides fathers of all stripes to stand up and stand ou

Philm Factory provides local independent filmmakers, community members and youth with various educational, networking, business, and financial opportunities to gain film experience, training, exposure, resources, and career empowerment. Our mission is to cultivate Philadelphia’s film industry, culture, and economy, extending our reach to support local businesses in conjunction with the film industry. This is done through our professional development classes, programming, workshops, events, and productions.

July 13, 2023
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