(Link will go live on 04/01/2021)

At $1.8 billion invested across 221 venture financings for the year, Philly’s VC and emerging tech ecosystem concluded a turbulent 2020 on a resilient note, helping to push the average disclosed round value to $8.1 million. Moreover, the region’s companies generated more liquidity for investors on an annual basis than ever before: $3.7 billion in aggregate value across 19 exits. Join Dean Miller, President & CEO of PACT, for this review of PACT's 2020 Philadelphia Venture Report, uncovering the underlying drivers of the robust Philly ecosystem, exploring datasets ranging from VC activity by sector to the sustained rise in the participation of outside investors. Discussion highlights will include: - Analysis of the drivers behind Philly’s angel & seed VC deal activity - A deep dive on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the region’s emerging tech community - An examination of the annual growth in funding for the life sciences over the past decade
April 1, 2021
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