(Link will go live on 03/11/21)

Conventional wisdom would tell you not to start a business in the middle of a pandemic, but millions of Americans are bucking conventional wisdom and taking risks. Americans, including Philadelphians are taking a leap of faith and starting businesses at record rates not seen since the days before the Great Recession. A sobering fact; however, is that according to the Small Business Administration, nearly 50% of these businesses will fail before they hit their five year mark. How do you beat these odds and ensure your business is still standing five years from now? Join Taiye and Lola Oladapo, Nigerian American twins and co-owners of The T.L. Hospitality Group- an innovative Airbnb, travel, and hospitality-lifestyle brand, to learn how through the Lean Business Start-Up model you can increase your chances of your start-up succeeding well after the five year mark. They will be joined by CEO and founder of Oat Foundry, Mr. Mark Khun, who will give a fascinating presentation explaining the Lean Business Start-up model via engineering prototyping. They will end with a Q & A featuring Venture Cafe’s own, Mr. Garry Johnson III, the resident expert on the Lean Business Start-Up model.
March 11, 2021
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