In Partnership with PGIP and the Philadelphia Civic Hackathon

Please join us for panels and a fireside chat. Speakers from SEPTA, Temple University, the City of Philadelphia and other local leaders (to be announced) will share their insight and existing case studies on accessible methods to solve systemic community disparity including gun violence. These discussions will seek to identify root causes and potential solutions that could be activated immediately to solve some of Philadelphia’s most pressing issues.

Immediately following the chat, there will be happy hour to intentionally network on actionable plans to reduce violence and the resources needed to implement them.  All attendees are encouraged to be prepared to have meaningful discussions on the resources they can access (plans and/or funding) to bring potential initiatives to action.

About PGIP

The Philadelphia Global Identity Partnership (PGIP) – is a cross-sector coalition of over 40 leading businesses, government agencies, nonprofits, and individuals who are committed to creating sustainable and equitable economic growth throughout the Philadelphia region.

Collectively, PGIP recognizes the negative impact that the rise of violent crimes in Philadelphia has on our ability to attract and retain business, investment, and people within our region.

As a unifying coalition in the region, PGIP recognizes that we not only have the opportunity, but the responsibility to actively identify and engage in activities that take measurable action in the reduction of violent crimes in our city.

November 17, 2022
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