*Day 2 of a 4-part series Design thinking is a popular tool, however, it often only leads to slight improvements on an existing design. How might we deliberately cultivate practices that stop us from optimizing the past, and instead, help us to envision the future we want to approach? Speculative Design is a toolkit for innovation that considers possible futures for technology, society, and business. Throughout this workshop series, participants will learn how to harness the tools of speculative design for creating true innovation in their field. They will explore a variety of trends and technologies, learn about different applications of speculative design, and generate several prototypes of possible futures. On day two of this workshop, we will introduce critical design, utopias, and dystopias in the field of biotechnology. Participants will learn how to project trends and produce a variety of possible future worlds, a skill crucial to breaking existing paradigms in design. *Yes, you are welcome to attend even if you missed the last sessions!
April 28, 2022
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