Venture Cafe’s Open Mic Night is back, and this time, we’re infusing it with a dose of Halloween magic. It’s your time to shine, whether you’re conjuring up a startup, brewing a business venture, or brewing something else altogether mysterious and exciting.

🎤 Unleash Your Creativity: Step up to the mic and captivate the audience with your pitch. Whether you’re brewing up something supernatural or purely innovative, this is your chance to cast a spell of intrigue.

🤝 Connect and Collaborate: As you share your venture, invite the audience to embark on a journey with you. Encourage them to connect, learn, and share in the spirit of collaboration. After all, in the world of innovation, unity is power.

🔮 90 Seconds of Fame: Each pitch is limited to a bewitching 90 seconds. Use this time wisely to not only showcase your venture but also inspire others to join your quest for knowledge and partnership.

🧙‍♀️ Spooky Surprises: In the true spirit of Halloween, expect some mysterious surprises and treats along the way. Who knows what enchanting connections and opportunities might manifest?

📝 Rules:

90-Second Limit: Your pitch must fit within 90 seconds, so craft your message with precision and impact.

Summon Collaboration: Encourage the audience to reach out, engage, and collaborate. This night is all about forging new bonds in the most magical way.

October 26, 2023
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