(Link will go live on 05/13/2021)

Join us for our second workshop in our OnRamp series - "Building and Launching a Product & Finding Your MVP", led by Brittany Jenkins of We Are Tech. Last week we discussed the ideation process and defining your superpower. Now that you have an amazing product, how do you get people to buy it? In this workshop you will learn the necessary steps to a successful product launch, as well as the Minimum Viable Product strategy that allows you to collect the maximum amount of validated learning about your customer base with the least effort. Brittany Jenkins is a Tech Educator and Entrepreneur who is the Founder of We Are Tech; which is an EdTech startup that focuses on empowering students and communities of color with technology. Through We Are Tech she spearheads tech integration programs and provides Digital Literacy resources to K-12 schools.  Throughout her career, she has worked in the Tech, Media, and Education industries at major companies – such as Facebook, NBC Universal, and Girls Who Code. In these experiences, her exposure to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion issues inspired her to found We Are Tech; and now her unique background empowers her to pay it forward by sharing her network and vast knowledge with youth of color.
May 13, 2021
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