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Anthony Cafagna runs a revenue advisory consulting firm specializing in early-stage companies operating in the Medtech space. His career began in a startup sector wearing many hats with an organization that placed sudden cardiac arrest programs and implemented AEDs into corporations across the U.S. From there, had the opportunity to join a large medical device organization with a focus on Lower Extremity (Foot & Ankle), where he was one of the top performers annually from 2015-2020. During COVID, he changed paths to focus on Risk Management to help complex mid-size organizations mitigate risks to give choice and control to key decision makers. Anthony's focus to craft and guide founders to successfully make revenue generating decisions and "gameplans" that can be followed and executed. 

If any of the following questions resonate with you, be sure you book your slot today by emailing hello@venturecafephiladelphia.org with your preferred slot!

  1. Is your offering or product messaging clear and concise to prospects and investors? 
  2. Who is my primary target? Do my marketing materials and plan correlate at this intersection?
  3. Should I have a sales "playbook" to help onboard, train and retain talent?

Appointments available:

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July 22, 2021
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