(Link will go live on 05/20/2021)

Join us for a panel discussing the value of nurse entrepreneurs and what nurses bring to healthcare innovation and the business sector at large. This panel will highlight successful nurse-led companies and nursing entrepreneurial leaders. Nurses as an undiscovered resource in healthcare business and innovation space, not because they are not leading in these areas but because of the lack of awareness and knowledge by other entrepreneurs, VCs and the general public about what nurses have to offer. This panel will shine a light on the importance of including nurse leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs at all levels in the creation of new businesses, products, processes, and systems. As the Director of Innovation at Penn Nursing, Marion Leary, MSN, MPH, RN works to amplify and educate nurses as leaders in healthcare innovation. Ms. Leary is a member of the American Nurses Association’s Innovation Advisory Committee and a Founding member of SONSIEL. An experienced health care executive and former senior partner with Deloitte Consulting Health Care and Life Science practice, Julia Cooney, MBA, BSN has a valuable combination of strategy, operations, and technology innovation and transformation experience and expertise. Jalil A. Johnson, PhD, MS, ANP-BC is an advanced practice nurse, educator, advocate, speaker, and influencer. Dr. Johnson is the CEO of Show Me Your Stethoscope and has broad experience and expertise in many areas and subspecialty areas related to healthcare. Veronica Southerland, DNP(s), FNP-BC, APRN, MSN is a Family Nurse Practitioner and currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer/ Founder of Flo Hydration & Wellness, PLLC which provides wellness services to patients in the realm of physical, mental & aesthetic wellness. Kathy Bowles, PhD, RN, FAAN, FACMI's program of research is in clinical decision support for discharge planning, transitions in care, and home care with vulnerable older adults. She co-founded RightCare Solutions, a software company based on her team’s research.
May 20, 2021
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