Please note, proof of full vaccination and masks are required to attend in-person.

Looking to learn more about this year's Launch Lane founders? Stop by their table in the Cafe space as they highlight their work and engage with attendees.

Read below to learn more about this year’s incredible startups! 

  • Clinicor is building a digital prescription-only clinic to optimize heart failure patient therapy.
  • Gray Oncology Solutions is optimizing oncology workflows, so each patient receives high quality, efficient care throughout their cancer treatment.
  • Lara Health is building a remote patient-monitoring platform, leveraging automation and AI to maximize physicians’ revenue.
  • Modal is a 3D presentation software company bringing real life anatomy to the digital classroom.
  • Neuralert develops wristbands that detect and alert hospital staff to the onset of a stroke, in one-fourth of the time it currently takes, saving lives, improving outcomes, and lowering cost.
  • Opal HTM increases hospital efficiency by using a patented sensor network to optimize medical equipment management and upkeep.
  • PopCheck Technologies specializes in remote monitoring technology to eliminate the occurrence of hospital acquired complications following surgical procedures.
  • Vital Start Health is developing the first maternal mental health platform using Virtual Reality and AI.
December 9, 2021
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