Please note, this is a Hybrid session meaning you can join us in-person or virtually!

This talk looks closer at the current trends in FinTech to understand how we got to the financial system we have today. We’ll highlight new technologies and current events that are foreshadowing where the industry is heading next and introduce you to the University of Pennsylvania’s FinTech Boot Camp.

FinTech refers to the financial services industry that has been disrupted by technological innovation, and aims to compete with traditional financial methods in order to improve activities and inefficiencies in finance. Rapid advancements in technology have bolstered the ability for smaller companies to innovate and disrupt many traditional financial domains like payments, money markets, and insurance.


Big data, mobile infrastructure, cloud computing, and blockchain technologies are now all widely available to incumbents and new entrants within the financial services industry. FinTech’s disruption has created technological demand and a need for skilled technical workers, largely similar to that of the IT industry.


In light of the rapid growth of the FinTech industry, Penn created the non-credit Boot Camp to provide professionals with the opportunity to learn how these new concepts are being leveraged within financial fields from financial planning to hedge funds, as well as best practices for using these skills to add value to an organization. Penn’s FinTech Boot Camp takes a multidisciplinary approach to finance, fundamental programming, data analysis, along with modern tools in cryptocurrency and blockchain. 


The intensive Penn FinTech Boot Camps runs for 6 months with live online classes meeting two nights a week from 6:30 – 9:30 pm and Saturdays 10 am – 2 pm. Students have access to tutoring though out the program and Career Services for 3 months following completion. Three group projects are completed during the Boot Camp, providing participants with practical technical skills and a portfolio of work to share with employers.


July 29, 2021
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