Heart Centered Writing

In-person session

May 14, 2020 | 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Room: Delaware River Zoom
Welcome to the “Heart Centered” writing workshop! I am so honored to hold this creative space for each of you. This is a different type of writing workshop, our goal is not to make the perfect piece of writing ( although you may very well create a beautiful piece) our goal is to explore healing through writing. We are going to use some meditation practices, discussion, writing exercises and self guided activities to move through a holistic writing process. “Heart centered “requires that we find stillness to hear our own heart. It requires us to get out of our own way, to find flow, to connect to yourself, and the world. We will purposefully and powerfully pull from deep feelings and memories in order to process and transform our human experience into a gift to share with the world. This gift may be healing or realizations through writing that you carry forward in the world, or maybe it will be a beautifully written piece! I cannot wait to make magic with you! - Introduction - Guided meditation - Quote sharing and discussion - writing exercise - Guided meditation to a past experience to evoke feeling - Writing exercise - Sharing - Closing
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