This event will feature leading startups in the life science sector that are driving the next generation of innovation in Japan. Japanese startups have a great technology which can be lead the world and create a better future. Life Science sector is a hot industry sector in Japan and also in global market and lots of great and exciting startups are coming up and growing rapidly. Japanese leading startups have a huge potential to play an important role globally.

We invite 6 Japanese startups to give pitches and provide an opportunity to connect with global investors & corporate which will be a gateway for those leading startups to go global and expand their businesses to change the world!

This will be a great opportunity for investors and overseas company to feel the forefront of innovation in Japan, so come join us and connect with them!




MIZUHO bank and CIC Tokyo collaborate to have a series of the global pitch events to spot light wonderful Japanese startups and connect with global players including overseas investors and corporates. CIC Tokyo, one of the biggest innovation centre in Japan who are building an innovation ecosystem, and Mizuho Bank which provides support for fast-growing innovative companies, will collaborate and co-organize the event.

Featured Start Ups





[About PuREC Co., Ltd. ] Since its inception in 2016, PuREC has established a proprietary purification method to obtain the extremely purified MSC (mesenchymal stem cells) called “REC” (Rapidly Expanding Cells) from human bone marrow. “REC” is currently used in two investigator-led clinical trials in Japan: 1) Ph-I/IIa for Hypophosphatasia at Shimane University, and 2) Ph-I/IIa for Lumber / Spinal Canal Stenosis at Hokkaido University.



[About aiwel ] A certified Tokyo Institute of technology venture company, in 2018 it began joint research with Tokyo Institute of technology to advance the practical application of AI proteomics; in April 2019, it established a collaborative research center on campus at Tokyo Institute of technology .By promoting the social implementation of AI proteomics, the company is working to realize services that enable diagnostic support, remote medical care support, and drug discovery support based on AI image judgment before subjective symptoms of illness or injury appear or before serious illness or injury occurs. We are currently conducting joint research with various companies to promote the practical application, generalization, and social implementation of AI proteomics.




[About EVA Therapeutics, Inc. ] EVA Therapeutics, Inc. is a startup bio-venture corporation with the vision to implement Dr. Takanori Takebe’s scientific approach to unlock new potential of existing organs in the body to supplement other lost organ functions. The EVA technology is the foundation of our company and its lead project, EVA101 is the intra-rectal delivery of a liquid form of O2 (oxygen) with perfluorocarbon. The product is in Phase 1a clinical trial in Japan in collaboration with Maruishi Pharma, well-established local acute care company. EVA Therapeutics, Inc is a certified spin-out venture from Tokyo Medical and Dental University.

December 15, 2022
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