Demo innovative digital health technologies featuring the Assuta RISE cohort.

About the Assuta RISE-Science Center Partnership

RISE, Assuta’s news arm, today launched RISE with US in collaboration with University City Science Center from Philadelphia – a program that equips startup companies to successfully break into the global health market. 101 companies applied to participate in the program, all with an emphasis on digital health solutions, computational technology, artificial intelligence and big data, from which the six most promising companies that qualified for the program were selected. Learn more.


AccuLine is developing CORA – an accurate, fast and easy-to-use exam for early detection of coronary artery disease. It evaluates the patient’s risk of having significant coronary artery disease through advanced analysis and detection of two newly discovered bio-markers in the heart’s electrical activity. CORA’s early detection will assist in the prevention of sudden cardiac deaths, while lowering costs of related cardiovascular diseases. The company was founded in 2022 by Moshe Barel (CEO), Prof. Aaron Freimerman (CMO), Prof. Shai Revzan (CSO), and Benny Shani (CTO). The company received a grant from Israel’s Innovation Authority as part of an incubator program, and also raised funds from the EHV Fund, Maccabi Health Services and private investors.

Datability develops first of its kind search engine, developed by clinicians making imaging-based decisions and for them. Thepatent pending innovative technology, allows advanced data accessibility that treats the entire patient data as a query (images, records, laboratory results). This allows to dramatically reduce the time required for diagnosis and, the number of unnecessary tests the patient is required to perform, and enable better quality of carewhile harnessing the power of crowd-sourcing diagnostics. The company was founded in 2021 by Moti Moravia (CTO) and Dr. Maor Fried (CEO). It operates from its offices in Tel Aviv and employs temporary workers. The company held a pre-seed round led by TechAviv.

Epilog develops artificial intelligence-based tools that create a new environment to manage diverse challenges in the later chapter of human life. The company aims to help people make quality-of-life-oriented decisions, with a focus on medical decisions. At the beginning of next year, Epilog is expected to begin a clinical trial in the United States, as well as hold an initial pilot in collaboration with an international health insurance company, in which thousands of users, who are the target audience for the company’s products, will participate. The company was founded in 2022, by Tal ShapsaHeiman (CEO), Ofir Shauman (CPO), Or Bar-Tal (CTO), Prof. Dan Arieli (Chief Behavioural Officer) and Dr. Roni Sabar, (CMO) and raised a pre-seed round.

 offers the first non-invasive fetal DNA test. IdentifAI’sproprietary technology enables full genomic sequencing of the fetus, using a simple blood test taken from the mother during the first trimester of pregnancy, and enables accurate and risk-free detection of fetal genetic disorders. Existing solutions are invasive, late and risky (amniocentesis and placental cysts) or limited to a minute fraction of potential genetic disorders (current NIPT tests). IdentifAIs technology is based on deep academic research, and was validated on dozens of cases, where it demonstrated high clinical accuracy for a vast range of mutations. The company, headed by Dr. Amir Beker, was founded in 2021 by Shizim group, Oren Tadmor, Prof. Noam Shomron (CSO) and Dr. Tom Rabinowitz (CTO). Mr Yossi Bornstein, President & CEO of Shizim Group, is IdentifAI’s chairman. The company operates from its offices in Tel Aviv, raised $1.2M in a pre-seed round and additional $1.2M in grants from the Israel Innovation Authority, and is currently in of the final stages of closing a seed round.

Senseera has developed an innovative liquid biopsy test for the monitoring and diagnosis of a large variety of diseases with a single blood test. The cells in our body go through a constant turnover, cells die, and new cells are created. When a cell dies, the DNA and proteins spill out of the cell into the bloodstream. The Senseera test extracts information from these substances in the blood and deciphers the state of the cells. When a disease develops in our body, even at the very beginning, cells from the diseased organ change and die. Senseera’s test can very sensitively detect these changes and by means of a sophisticated algorithm to monitor the health status and diagnose diseases even in early stages, thus enabling treatment to be started earlier and improving the efficiency of treatment. The company was founded in 2020 by Prof. Nir Friedman (Chairman & CSO), Dr. Ronen Sadeh (CEO), Dr.Jenia Gutin (CTO) and Israa Sharkia (Vice President of Research and Development). The company operates from Jerusalem and employs 11 people.

Wotch was established by primary care physicians with a mission to fulfill the actual potential of primary care delivery. We introduce the world’s first autonomous primary care assistant platform. Our product is a No-code interface that receives the doctors’ instructions and performs medical actions under the doctor’s supervision. At the same time on the patient’s side, Wotch operates as a case manager that navigates and monitors them, while giving patients certainty and accurate knowledge of their why and whereabout in the medical process.

We are schedule for a pilot in Q1 2023 with Maccabi Healthcare, that provides primary care services to 2.5M patients in Israel. Our moto is: Be a doctor / Be a patient. We’ll Wotch the rest.

December 8, 2022
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