It is projected that by the year 2030 Generation Alpha will have access to fully immersive AR/XR experiences in K12 education. With high school graduation dates starting in 2028, the oldest member of Alpha is currently in the 6th grade. What equity milestones need to be set to ensure this future is realized by all children?

Join us for our first roundtable session of 2022 to hear from EdTech founders Jules Porter Esquire and Michael Staffer as they share how their education solutions address equity shortfalls for the ethnic and neuro diverse learning communities.

The Edupreneur Roundtable convenes interested parties to analyze an identified problem while applying intentional, responsive and active listening to build trust across various education stakeholder groups. This method works against blind group consensus without review by following a process that: Performs root cause analysis and develops collaborative solutions.

January 13, 2022
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