Join us for a dynamic session, "Founders' Financial Playbook: The Top 3 Finance Metrics You Need to Know," where we dive into the essentials of financial management for startup founders. Deloitte's Q1 2024 US Economic Forecast hints at a sluggish period for adopting software and IP, yet offers optimism for the future: "Over the longer term, the growth in investment in intellectual property will revert to the pre-pandemic rate as software and R&D continue to provide very high returns for US firms."

How can you ensure you stay ahead of the curve and secure the financial health of your startup?

Discover the crucial financial metrics that every founder must track to navigate the complexities of startup finance effectively. From cash runway to burn rate, and beyond, learn how to interpret and leverage these metrics to make informed decisions that propel your startup towards sustained growth and success. Don't miss this opportunity to equip yourself with the knowledge and insights necessary to thrive in today's challenging economic landscape.

Join us and ensure that you have your finger firmly on the pulse of your startup's financial future.

Part of our C-Suite Skills for Startup Founders Series

Being a founder goes beyond creating groundbreaking innovation. You also need to do continuous customer discovery, build out a trusted network, create a meaningful culture with an incredible team, operate with agility and excellence, and manage your burn rate (to name a few). If you’re a healthcare founder, add in regulatory and navigating the complexities of a healthcare system. 

Each session, we’ll host a vetted expert for a deep dive into strategies and insights that will enable your startup to scale sustainably and elevate your leadership. This series will transform your approach and prepare you for the challenges of the C-Suite. Join us every Thursday Gathering from 4-5pm. 


April 11, 2024
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