(Link will go live on 06/10/2021)

Gene Anthony Santiago-Holt (AKA MOYOGASH) will present artwork from the past year that in-twines noise, performance, animation, and handmade objects that showcase their multimedia approach to art making. This talk will give the audience an insight into the artist perspective and creative process. This lecture will give an insight into a personal perspective on online counter culture. During the past year broadcasting software was used for DJ sets, art shows, and for elaborate concerts. This creative time was pushed to the limit by an exploration of sound, noise, animation, and various other multimedia creative outlets. Niche online cultures and aesthetics have flourished this past year. Has the pandemic shifted digital art to be a legitimate form of “high art”? Gene Anthony Santiago-Holt is a multimedia artist from Philadelphia. He creates drawings, and papier-mâché masks that function as props, and as alter-egos for his improvised video performances.
June 10, 2021
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