(Link will go live on 03/25/21)

The Hardware Cup is a global pitch competition for early stage hardware startups with a $50,000 cash prize. 6 selected semi-finalist companies will pitch and do a Q&A with a panel of investor-judges for their shot to win the Consumer Products category and claim a spot at our International Finals for the grand prize. The announcement of the winner will be followed by networking. Please note, this event will take place in Remo! We recommend using Google Chrome and joining via desktop or laptop rather than a mobile device or tablet for best user experience! Semi-finalists include: Augment Health- (Atlanta, GA) Patients with both neurogenic bladder and urinary incontinence cannot feel their bladder or control when they void their bladder. Even though many individuals prefer using a valve they can manually open and close at the end of their catheter, neurogenic bladder patients are stuck with a urine collection bag because they cannot feel when they would need to void their bladder. Augment Health’s first product is a device that connects between a user’s catheter and catheter valve to sense how full their bladder is and send a smartphone notification when they need to void. Brelyon, Inc.- (San Mateo, CA) Breylon is introducing the world's first headset free virtual monitor. The experience is like looking through a window at a gigantic IMAX screen on your desk. They are like the Lamborghini of gaming displays. Hardly- (Dallas, TX) Hardly is here to help you work smarter—not harder. Their first product, Hardly Dash, improves your workflow by simplifying actions and keeping important information front-and-center. By using their wrist-activated shortcut buttons, you can navigate apps while your hands stay on the keyboard—saving you both time and headaches! Petal- (Philadelphia, PA) They offer the first miniaturized, fully-functional medical call device that looks like jewelry. At the push of a button, converse with a call center, which can dispatch 911 assistance, on-demand nurses, or alert your family. At less than 2 inches in diameter, Petal easily clasps into a variety of beautiful pendants. SafeSpout- (Denver, CO) Spout provides the first real time IoT lead detection device for at-home drinking water for consumer use. The device is intended to help consumers gain confidence in their water, while simultaneously crowd-sourcing insight into community tap water for utilities. Spout connects consumers with mitigation solutions if a problem is detected and alerts them when it's time to order another single cartridge and retest their water. Zygo Audio- (Los Angeles, CA) They are the Peloton of swimming: the first underwater headset for streaming audio and live communication. In addition to the hardware, they also have a companion app of guided workouts so you can turn a solitary and silent sport into a community-driven and engaging activity.
March 25, 2021
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