A celebration of World Computer Day 2022 hosted by The Compuseum. Come meet the people behind the 6502 Chip and find out more about how this amazing piece of technology found its way into the Apple, Atari, Commodore, Kim-1, AIM-65 and more. This session will feature brief presentations followed by a networking session.

Presenters include:

Bill Mensch– 6502 Creation

Liza Loop– Apple 1 number 1

Laurie Wallmark– Women and the 6502

Corey Cohen– Vintage Computers 6502

Daniel Kottke– Working with Woz/Jobs

Cedric Gaudin– Rockwell AIM 65 Computer

Al Charpentier– 6502 Circuit Speeds

Bil Herd- Designing with the 6502

Jim Scherrer– MOS Superfund Site

Jochen Viehoff– Apple 1 Brought to Life

Steve Krug– Architecture of Compuseum

Tim Lapetino– The Art of Atari

Achim Baqué – Apple-1 Registry

February 10, 2022
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