Join us at #VCvirtualJAWN this Thursday!04/08 Program
04/08 Program

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The Secret Sauce

Connecting Innovators

Everyone is welcome.

Serial entrepreneurs with successful companies. Investors looking for their next big bet. Mentors seeking to share their expertise with the community. Youth with fresh perspectives. Experts and talents from innovation-adjacent fields. Anyone who is curious. Join us every Thursday to meet more individuals with ideas and a drive to connect

To make things HAPPEN

Isolation is the enemy of innovation: relationships are a critical success. We believe that innovation is fueled by collaboration, and storytelling. Venture Café enhances and accelerates the creative process through spaces, programs, and conversations for individuals and organizations to gather and build relationships – and ultimately improve the human condition. 

Exchanging ideas is just the beginning. Venture Café Philadelphia is the start for connecting people and fueling innovation. It creates the forum for connecting innovators who seek to create positive change in both local and global communities. 

We’re on a mission.

Create deeper connections in the digital and local ecosystem

Attract a diverse audience of participants and speakers

Foster inspiration and inclusivity

Experience Thursday, every week

What drives us.

Venture Café Philadelphia is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that seeks to grow Philly’s innovation community by working to make it more diverse, inclusive, accessible, and better connected locally, nationally, and globally. Everyday our drive comes from connecting innovators to make things happen by giving opportunities to convene, connect, and spark new ideas.

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