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Build the Damn Thing: How to Start a Successful Business If You’re Not a Rich White Guy

Book by Kathryn Finney

Feeling underestimated or overlooked trying to launch your new venture? You’re not alone. Building a business of any size can be an uphill battle layered with uncertainties, rejections, and top secret insider knowledge that can be difficult to crack. This holds especially true for diverse founders who don’t fit into the “rich white guy” mold. Join us at Venture Café book club to discuss this comprehensive, step by step guide that doesn’t pull any punches in guiding you to break down the barriers and build the damn thing!

Kathryn Finney is a successful entrepreneur, author, and venture capitalist. She boldly invests in Black entrepreneurs to build scalable businesses serving black communities. Each page in the book Build the Damn Thing: How to Start a Successful Business if You’re Not a Rich White Guy will leave you with little nuggets of knowledge to help you successfully navigate the landscape. You will learn how to embrace failure as part of the entrepreneurial journey, craft ideas people want, select the right talent to jump-start your business, and find the right investors.

Book Club Dates

Sep 08, 2022| Intro  | Getting Started: How to Build the Damn Thing!

Sep 08,2022 |Step 1 | Get your Mind Right: How to Build Your Internal Foundation

Sep 22, 2022|Step 2| Your Personal Success Toolbox: How to Gather the Tools to Build Your Company

Oct 06, 2022 | Step 3 |You’re NOT Your Customer: How to Make Sure Your Business Solves a Problem


Oct 20, 2022 | Step 4|Product-Market Fit: How to Turn Your Solution into a Money-Making Business

Nov 03,2022 | Step 5| Squad Goals: How to Build an Amazing Team

Nov 17, 2022 | Step 6| Getting the Bag: How to Get the $$$ You Need to Grow Your Company

Dec, 08, 2022| Ep…..| Breathe. You Just Built the Damn Thing.