It has to be you

February 9, 2022

Roy Kent!

In one of my favorite Ted Lasso episodes, Coach Ted Lasso instructs his players to look in their lockers for gifts.

🚨Small spoiler alert: They’re books. The storyline then follows player Roy Kent as he grapples with his gift— both the book itself and its meaning.

Ultimately, without giving too many details away, Roy realizes that his greater gift also comes with the responsibility that “It has to be me.”

What is the passion, talent, innovative idea that keeps tugging at you? That nudging is likely because it has to be you—and it should be shared. This Thursday, we have the perfect opportunity for you to do so while speed connecting at “For the Love of Entrepreneurship.”

You never know where a connection might lead—you might just meet your next co-founder. It happens. More than once.

✨ A shout and thanks to our activation curator and host, #VCjawn community member, Gabrielle Forbes!

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Jen Rajchel