Taking Your Business from Concept to Launch

January 26, 2022

How Do You Take Your Business from Concept to Launch?

Artin Nazarian, a Side Venture expert (on our roster latter in February), says of entrepreneurial ventures, that “everyone is just one idea away from happiness.”  So you have the idea, what next?  How do you develop it, test it, and take the steps to launch?

This Thursday, we are fortunate to have direct guidance from someone who has done this, not only for his own start-ups, but as a sought after expert by Fortune 500 companies who want to lead by innovation, but suffer from large company “innovators dilemma.”  When organizations like Citi and MetLife need to get ideas flowing, and identity which ones have merit and can be developed into high growth business, they call Rush Doshi…and now you can as well.

Don’t miss our session coming up this Thursday, as Rush joins our OnRamp family.

It was great listening to Robert Laidlaw last week, on both pitching and pitch decks. One thing that was reinforced to me was the concept of always preparing two decks – one to pitch with, filled with visuals to evoke emotion and few words, and the other to send later, much more detailed, when you haven’t the chance for a personal presentation. I actually believe the more detailed pitch deck should be created first, and used internally as way to prepare for a live presentation, and then, from it, draw out visuals and emotion creating visuals for the presentation pitch deck, to enhance the precious “impassioned” pitch time in front of potential investors, partners, etc. (or, of course, in this age of Zoom, have the detailed deck in front of you, while you present the “pitch” deck on the screen).

In any event, as communicating is so critical to everything we do as start-up entrepreneurs, we will have a different subject matter expert on the same topic at our very last session, in preparation for our Pitch Competition on March 17th.

“Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun” 
– Albert Einstein

John Possumato