🏆 What’s your Most Valuable Action (MVA) today?

January 26, 2022

Two recent reads have me thinking about what’s the most valuable action I can take today with the biggest impact for tomorrow.

In a recent catch-up with the Director of Venture CafĂ© Miami, Alejandra Silva, she recommended the book, At Your Best: How to Get Time, Energy & Priorities Working in Your Favor. Her endorsement was, “Despite reading many productivity books, this one is blowing my mind.” I immediately added it to my cart.

📣 Headline upfront: “Most people only have three to five deeply productive hours in a day…”  

The author, Carey Nieuwhof calls this period your green zone and recommends color-coding your calendar then optimizing it.

While my prime green time is up for debate (unclear whether I’m a morning person or merely a coffee person—the latter is confirmed), it does highlight the question: what is the most valuable action I can take today that will impact the future? Or, what is my biggest bet for my green time?

🔮 But, investing in future value is not just an individual consideration. 

In Beyond Digital: How Great Leaders Transform Their Organizations and Shape the Future (I’m just starting but already recommend), Paul Leinwand and Mahadeva Matt Mani, suggest that companies need to:

“… get in front of change by developing a point of view on how value will be assessed and created in the future. You need to understand how regulatory, societal, environmental, and technology changes may impact the future.”

While only you can determine the most valuable action for you and your company, we invite you to explore some key future shifts/possibilities with us this Thursday:

Jen Rajchel