👀 Re: Taking the risk, I have a confession

January 19, 2022

To kick off our first week back at Venture Café, we highlighted advice from Terry Talbot about “taking the risk.”  And then… I didn’t.

We talked as a team about sharing more broadly the risks that we were going to take this year—and how hard that can be. Ironically (in the Alanis Morrisette sense), mine is to work more in public: share more in-progress work and early drafts/ideas. In part, because I’ve learned so much from the startups that iterate on their minimum viable product with their community and people who share their learnings (and mistakes).

So, in the spirit of progress not perfection (ICYMI, learn from Tiffany Wilson how this principle has impacted our Science Center strategy), I am sharing it here.

First up, we’re looking to experiment with this weekly newsletter—including new sections like highlighting #VCjawn community wins, sharing interesting ideas and advice we’re reading, and more. Stay tuned!

At this halfway point in January 2022, remember that even without ideal timing, you can still take the risk and progress even delayed is still progress. If you want to share your risk, tag us or use the hashtag #taketherisk2022.

This week at Venture Café, join as we:

And more!

See you (virtually) Thursday,


Jen Rajchel