Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made?

January 12, 2022

Are entrepreneurs born or made?

This question came up when I was still a student, at Ed Shils‘  (one of the original founders of the University City Science Center) fledgling class on entrepreneurship at the very beginning of my journey, a long (longer than I’ll admit to) time ago.

I’m not sure there is a definitive answer, but my personal view is that startups happen in the heart, and work outward—born in a sense. In many cases they don’t come to fruition for many people because the creative ideas are not nurtured and the pathways to success seem difficult.

This is why I believe the OnRamp series is so important and why I’m personally committed to its mission: to help entrepreneurs nurture, evaluate and move forward on their ideas for a new start-up venture.  From the most practical instruction on idea development, financial modeling and business structure, to the more qualitative talks and presentation from people who have been there and done that in start-ups (success and failures), we will cover all of the basics and provide a wealth of information on additional support services.

Founders: Stop Waiting and Start Acting – Join Us and Make It Work for You

We are a collaborative team—experts in their field lead the educational and inspirational weekly sessions. My job as Founder-in-Residence is to do what I love to do, which is help any and every way I can to mentor, support and provide you the right resources to help on your entrepreneurial journey.  There is nothing I like better than startups, entrepreneurs, and talking about new ventures—since that first entrepreneurial class those many years ago.

John Possumato