Bold pitches and our big bet for 2022 ?

December 15, 2021

Bold pitches and our big bet for 2022  

On our team, we often say that if you haven’t left Venture Cafe feeling inspired then we haven’t done our jobs.

From the Launch Lane 2021 graduates, learning how COVID-19 changed Siemens Healthineers innovation strategy, to your own moonshots, I hope that you left feeling as filled with possibility as I did last week.

This week, our last Thursday Gathering of 2021, we are celebrating another graduation with a pitch competition: our fourth OnRamp cohort! Many thanks to our Founder-in-Residence (and 2020 Launch Lane graduate), Jessie Garcia who mentored and curated the supportive conversations.

Jessie kicked off this OnRamp round by advising the cohort to “be dangerous:”

“Dangerous is a mindset that empowers founders to iterate prototypes quickly and affordably with the skillset that you /currently/ have.”  Join us to hear the bold pitches that have evolved over these past eight weeks.

Join us to hear the bold innovations and see how this OnRamp cohort embraced their dangerous mindset.

But moonshots and being bold don’t end in 2021. As we look towards next year, we are doubling down on experimenting together.

For 2022, we are going all in around one theme: powering progress. How do we design for and measure progress? How do we fuel and sustain it? Stay tuned for more soon!

Last but never least, we are celebrating the first annual Jawnie Awards this week to thank our amazing ambassadors. You are the connectors and glue that makes Thursdays more than just an event—a gathering. We are grateful for all you do!

See you Thursday,


Jen Rajchel