It’s time to get fuel for your rocket ship ?

December 2, 2021

It’s time to get fuel for your rocket ship.


It’s never too early for founders to think about fundraising capital to grow their business. It really does take money, to make money. You need resources to build out your team, further develop your product, and market your idea once it’s ready for launch. The biggest misstep founders make very early on fundraising is “rejecting themselves” before they even get started.  By thinking they are too early to start seeking out capital or thinking that their idea isn’t far enough along, when in fact, fundraising is another iterative process that takes just time and strategy. If you are able to convey your startup’s key facts: your WHY, how, what you would do with your use of funds, you’re ready to put yourself out there to get feedback as soon as possible.


Now, for the big caveat! Not all money is the right money for your type of business. Only you as a founder can decide which pathways are best for you to pursue for your business. You need to come up with your strategy and the first step is figuring out what types of capital options there are.


This is exactly why we’ve brought in Eli Velasquez who is the University Science Center’s Capital Advisor for this On Ramp session. Eli is going to help us understand what options are out there and the pros and cons for each. We’ll be discussing non-dilutive grants, crowdfunding, crowd equity, pitch competitions, friends and family rounds, accelerators, revenue-based capital, angel investing, venture capital, and everything in between.


Can’t wait to see you there!

Jessie Garcia