It's all about the marketing!

November 10, 2021

When it comes to startups, we often think that the hardest part of the journey is building the product. Once we have it, we are golden. The sales are just going to roll in once our platform goes live or when you start to accept sales on your website. Who wouldn’t want this solution?

The reality hits hard when you don’t see the traffic on your site or the inventory flying off the shelf.

The truth is, no one is thinking about your business unless you making a conscious effort to promote and market your value propositions and WHY individuals need to look at what you’re doing. Marketing is the key factor for each and every business to feed your sales funnels and move the needle forward towards a revenue generating company. When you’re a bootstrapped, early stage founder, every dollar counts. You want to deploy your capital to advertising with confidence to a targeted market you’ve researched and in a channel that would be most effective to reach them.

In today’s OnRamp session we will be joined by marketing expert, Luis Rivera Sanchez, who has developed marketing strategies at startups and at the highest levels of corporate business. We will be going over how to set up a marketing strategy for your company and create the marketing personas for your company who will guide you while making these decisions which will optimize the effectiveness of your campaigns!

Jessie Garcia