Let’s get dangerous!

October 20, 2021

In our first on-ramp kick-off session, our panel of founders Erika, Zave, and Tanya emphasized that early-stage founders should fall in love with the problem that they are solving, but not their solution. The reasoning behind this is that our business solutions are often a “living being” that transforms over time. Katelyn gave us a framework to help better interview customers during problem identification so that you can begin to incorporate their feedback in your offerings and you might start seeing a new vision for what should be built.


Now, how the heck do you actually build what your customers are looking for, and make that vision in your head? By becoming dangerous.


Dangerous is a mindset that empowers founders to iterate prototypes quickly and affordably with the skillset that you currently have. Prototypes aren’t about perfection. They are a  communication tool to interact with customers, developers, engineers, and investors.

Prototyping is critical for not only your gadget, service offerings, or app, but also your business model!


Our goal for this week’s session is to get you dangerous with your prototyping skillset for your business model and share some of our favorite tools and techniques for making your solutions a reality.


Time to get dangerous, On-Ramp!


Jessia Garcia