Build it and they shall come!

October 14, 2021

Build it and they shall come!

Whoever said that, definitely had it wrong when it comes to startups. Founders have been notoriously guilty in the past of building first and then scrambling to find customers after. This results in solutions that are either over engineered, have little demand, or just miss the mark on what’s actually needed at the moment. While some companies might be lucky with this approach, more often than not, solutions like this tend to fail because their value proposition wasn’t well vetted and tested with actual customers early on in their business.

At OnRamp this week, we are going to be putting our users’ and customers’ needs first. We are going to help you learn how to identify and interact with potential users in an unbiased, repeatable approach. This mindset and skillset will enable you to gain valuable insight into how you build a more valuable solution for your end users. And we’re not just talking about surveys. This one-on-one approach takes time and practice but it’s so worth the extra effort at this early stage. Then we’ll take it one step further. Once you’ve identified and really understand what your end user wants, is there actually a viable market worth pursuing as a startup?

With empathy, curiosity, and genuine interest in the problem you’re solving, you can save your company a whole lot of headaches in the future by investing in the first and most important step of your startup journey: your user’s needs, wants, and problems.

Jessie Garcia