There is no better time than NOW!

October 9, 2021

There’s no better time to start than right now.

When you have a business idea in your head, you can feel a myriad of emotions all at once. On the positive side, you feel the excitement for the potential it could have. You foster a passion for the problem you could be solving and the creative juices start flowing on how you might go about fixing it. On the other hand, this same idea that gets you excited, might leave you feeling overwhelmed or fearful with your subconscious asking questions like, Is it worth the risk? How do I protect my idea? How do I even start if I’m trying to do something that has never been done before? How do I even think about funding something like this?

Every single entrepreneur has had these thoughts when they first started their journey so you’re not alone in asking these same questions. The first step between a billion dollar idea that never makes it outside of your head and building a company that actually makes it happen, is the founder’s decision to stop waiting and start acting on it. The best part is that you don’t have to do this by yourself. During the OnRamp series, you’ll be working with a cohort of fellow idea stage startup founders who are all saying “yes” to taking this journey as well. It’s a collaborative environment to learn from experts, ask questions, test and refine ideas to make them even better. My job as this cohort’s Founder-in-Residence is to help guide you to the right resources and support you throughout the way because not only have I been on this adventure, I’m still in it 100%.

But don’t take my word for it. Join me on Thursday, October 7th to hear it straight from the source! Hear from former On-Ramp participants Erika Dillard and Zave Smith, as well as former Founder-in-Residence Tanya Morris who will be joining me for a conversation on how they’re making their idea into a reality, and how On Ramp helped them along the way!

Jessie Garcia