Do It Anyway ?

October 7, 2021

Do It Anyway  

This past Thursday, we concluded our¬†second¬†OnRamp cohort, mentored by¬†our¬†Founder-In-Residence,¬†Tanya Morris,¬†with a pitch competition. Whenever I hear a pitch presentation, I am always inspired by the boldness and courage it takes to share your ideas‚ÄĒespecially with an audience. Congratulations to our cohort¬†on your OnRamp graduation¬†and thank you¬†for sharing your¬†innovative ideas!¬†Also,¬†a special shoutout to our three¬†winning pitches:¬†Elari, Philly Experiences, and Fit4Friends.

There are times (often), especially in entrepreneurship, when we’re facing an opportunity that feels daunting. It could be because it’s something new, something we feel like we could iterate one more, or even that the fear of failing comes creeping up. It’s easy to talk yourself into waiting for just one more edit or round of presentations.

This is your reminder to do it anyway. Do something¬†this¬†week that¬†is¬†slightly (or really) outside of your comfort zone‚ÄĒwhether that‚Äôs showing off an MVP¬†or¬†speaking up in a meeting.¬†We grow the most when we take a¬†bold¬†risk¬†and no matter the outcome, we learn from it.

Two opportunities that might be your opportunity to do it anyway: you still have four days to apply to our next OnRamp cohort and work with our next Founder-in-Residence, Jessie Garcia; and the Science Center is teaming up with mentorship platform, Ureeka to provide ten, full-year scholarships (applications due October 11)!

As we look forward to Thursday, we are excited to be partnering with Philadelphia-based Black Squirrel in collaboration with its national partner the Inclusive Capital Collective for The Rebirth of S.L.I.C.K: Systems, Language, Intersectionality, Capital, and Knowledge; a virtual real estate-themed evening.  Don’t miss it!

Jen Rajchel