Where's the money? ?

September 8, 2021

We’ve all heard the term “it takes money to make money.” Entrepreneurs know this to be a fact since most face the challenge of raising capital every day, and if you’re a Black founder you know it’s even harder. Black female founders are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs yet the least funded.
The venture journey usually goes from bootstrapping to a family and friends round, to pre-seed, seed and then Series (which if you followed the We Work story can include the entire alphabet.) For most people, a family and friends round doesn’t exist so that’s when you have to get creative.

Fundraising is evolving, but the first thing to consider is what are your goals? Do you want to be a unicorn like Rihanna? Do you want to ensure generational wealth for your family? Or do you just want some extra money every month? Whatever your goals are, you need a plan, a strategy to raise funds and achieve solvency and success. Join us Thursday, September 9th for OnRamp “Fundraising 101 Session,” with Garry Johnson, Executive Director, First Founders.

To date, First Founders has grown its community to 200+ founders around the world and helped them raise $300k+ in non-dilutive funding (through pitch competitions, grants, etc.).

Tanya Morris