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August 12, 2021

It is nice to be important, but…

It is even more important to be nice. This weekend as the 2020 Summer Olympics (adding to our collection confusion around the concept of time during a pandemic) came to a close, I was struck by the preponderance of stories and reflections on the notion that, “it is nice to be important, but it is even more important to be nice.” It seems to me that we can never be reminded of this adage too frequently. Many athletes despite adversity, embraced their competitors and emerged metaphorically victorious. If we are going to recover from the pandemic victorious, we need to make sure we are continuing to be mindful about education, reimaging how we access to learning tools, and how technology can transform the future.

Don’t miss a (virtual) session this Thursday Gathering, as we are exploring all things EdTech.

3:00 – Introducing BioDesign in Education

4:00 – Design to Disrupt and Reimagine Education: Edupreneur Roundtable: Appy Hour

5:00 – Podcasting in Education with We Love Philly

6:00 – Why Cyber, Why Now? K12 Cybersecurity Education

7:00 – Prioritizing Play: Puzzles, Paper and Pachyderms

As the Summer begins to wind down and the new school year kicks off, now is the perfect time to imagine the future of education.

Your Assignment: Join us this Thursday for #VCVirtualJawn.
Extra Credit if you’re nice!

Tracy Brala
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