? OnRamp Hot Topic: Branding

August 11, 2021

Be About the Brand. 

One of the most important decisions an entrepreneur makes is about their brand. What does your business represent? Who does it speak to and how does it connect to your ideal customer? Mom Your Business really started by accident. It was the name of a Mother’s Day event and a friend saw it as more than a one time offering. Four years later we’ve helped hundreds of female founders “mom” (care for, nurture and grow) their business through mentoring, education and connections to resources and opportunities like OnRamp.

This week join us for Branding, Marketing and Sales with PJ Owens of Muse Branding & Development. PJ is easily one of the most gifted brand strategists I know. He is an award-winning gospel recording artist, and started Muse, a lifestyle brand with services including Brand Coaching, Content Curation, Artist Development and Brand Education. Branding begins with you and your story, so embrace all of it and build. This session is sure to be dynamic and impactful.

Let’s go to work. 

Tanya T. Morris