Who is the Real MVP? ?

August 4, 2021

The Real MVP.  

The first OnRamp session was a great success thanks to Benjamin Pietrzyk  who really challenged us through problem identification. Check out Ben’s Ted Talk, “Marry the Problem, Date the Solution.” Knowing and understanding the problem your business solves is the beginning of every entrepreneur’s journey.

This week join us for Building & Launching a Product. Finding Your MVP with Sherill Mosee. Sherill is a product development expert, inventor and creator of Minkee Blue. Minkee Blue is the quintessential problem meet solution product! Sherrill carried two or three bags to work—a purse, laptop bag, lunch bag, and sometimes shoes in her purse. She wanted to create an organizational fashion bag for busy women whose role changed throughout the day—from an executive to fitness enthusiast, daily commuter, and mom. MinkeeBlue is her solution!

Sherill will share her product development journey and will be the first to tell you the importance of developing your Minimum Viable Product.  MVP is a development technique in which a new product is introduced in the market with basic features, but enough to get the attention of the consumers. The final product is released in the market only after getting sufficient feedback from the product’s initial users. It is the most basic version of the product which the company wants to launch in the market.  The idea is to get feedback from the consumers which will help in making the desired changes in the final product. The MVP makes your product better and ensures that you develop a product and/or service that customers want and will buy.

Join us to learn about this critical step in developing a winning product or service. When entrepreneurs invest time, money and resources in product/service development that makes you the real MVP.

Let’s go to work. 

Tanya T. Morris