OnRamp Kick-off! ?

July 21, 2021

Get Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

Over the weekend I co-facilitated a workshop with one of my founders on becoming a foodpreneur. We did a walk-through Friday. The space was perfect, spacious conference room, beautiful kitchen. When we arrived Sunday, the central air unit wasn’t working. No one to call, nothing to be done. We sweated, we purchased some fans, we pressed through. We became comfortable with the uncomfortable. Not one complaint! The participants got everything we had to give, and we over delivered! As an entrepreneur one thing you learn to embrace is getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. Every situation won’t be ideal. That first idea, plan may not work but in business there is no failure; you learn, or you grow.

OnRamp kicks off with Innovation Leader Amazon

Get inspired to start your entrepreneurial journey this week as we kick-off our next OnRamp cohort with Amazon’s Principal Digital Innovation Lead, Monica Terese Carranza, Esq. Every new business venture starts with an idea – where you take it is up to you. Learn about the importance of leadership principles, ways that Amazon utilizes the growth flywheel mental model, and how they organize for innovation that sets the foundation for all the new ideas that Amazon brings to market.

Many innovations started with discomfort, frustration with a product or service. Here’s an opportunity to turn that idea into a business, to innovate an industry. Don’t know where to start? Then join me for OnRamp. This free cohort-based 8-week program is for aspiring entrepreneurs with an idea and the drive, but without previous startup experience. OnRamp is an open enrollment engagement for participants to apply on a cohort-basis.  Join me beginning July 29th and continuing through September 30th. Let’s innovate and grow together!

Tanya T. Morris