? Next Up!

July 14, 2021

Next Up!

As the new OnRamp Founder-in-Residence, I certainly have a hard act to follow. Thom Webster has been a mentor, colleague and confidant for most of my professional career. He has laid a foundation for the Founder-in-Residence to build upon and continue to support Early Founders on their entrepreneurial journey.

I am an entrepreneur by accident. A self-published author, I started my own publishing company and later a tee shirt company with one of my mentees. Mentoring is not what I do, it’s who I am and since starting Mom Your Business in 2017 helping Black/Brown female entrepreneurs achieve exponential growth through mentoring, education and advocacy has been my greatest joy. I am thrilled to be Next Up as the Founder-in-Residence and look forward to continuing the work that Thom, the University Science Center and the Venture Cafe team have started.

OnRamp is uniquely positioned to be a destination for Startups, Early Founders, and Entrepreneurs to participate in a formal community that would assist them with access to resources, networks, and curated programming. As we begin work with our second cohort, I am excited to be bringing seasoned entrepreneurs, thought leaders and subject matter experts to our Early Founders. I am especially excited to meet, connect and work with what I am sure will be a great, creative and promising group of Startups!

Join me beginning July 29th and continuing through September 30th and sign up today!

Tanya T. Morris